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Posts tagged stuff and things

Oct 7 '12

me right now

Oct 5 '12
got my new glasses
so i did the full james

got my new glasses

so i did the full james

Sep 15 '12

finished my duke wig, i’m pretty satisfied.  full test run with me in it to come later.

i tried to be clever and draw his flashcard face on the wig head that didn’t work out too well now did it. 

Sep 12 '12

>has to have a japanese “butler name” for staffing maid cafe

>no idea where to start

>cracks open battle royale 

Sep 11 '12

trying to find a good, recent, professional-safe photo to use on my class-post blog




like in every one of these photos i have sunglasses on like a doofus

Sep 10 '12

i’ll start caring about causes on tumblr when they show me some credible sources of data, yawn.

kids, question everything you read on the internet.

just as an aside, i’m an asshole.

Aug 24 '12

should be done with sirius black cosplay by the end of this weekend              !

Aug 15 '12

just some camwhoring for my new d*c cosplays 8D

finished wigs for merida and srs blaq             ! 

judge me, do it

Aug 13 '12

so apparently i’m in the top 10% of my class?  what? when did that happen?

also does this make me a ravenclaw after all? 

Aug 12 '12

ahahahaha i just

all i can do is just gawk stupidly at all this

because oasjdakhsjhahaha